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  • Youtube goal mix - nice collection of some of the best goals ever from Youtube set to a trashy beat that works!!

  • Listen. Let's talk Pele. Plenty of these.

  • Hereford's wonder goal - wow. and some people are definitely on the pitch!

  • Ronnie Whelan v Russia, Euro 88 - The Republic's best ever game?

  • Free kick mix - top ten free kicks. Plenty from Ronaldihno here.

  • Sometimes with a great goal... it's the circumstances that are vital. I will never forget the 1982 World Cup in Spain. The sun shone all the Summer. Brazil were on fire. France were electric. Germany were dogged. I think I actually cried when Brazil were knocked out. Every match seemed like a classic in the hot Spanish summer. Which brings me to Spain themselves.

    Football is of course a passion in Spain - but the team, until recently, been regarded as underachievers. I dont think its unfair to say that with the talent they have had. And with the World Cup in Spain... well, the pressure was intense on the hometeam. And then along some Northern Ireland, population just over a million, playing rugby and Gaelic games as competing sports with soccer, with a terrorist nightmare on it's hands... and then this happens...

  • Gazza's hotshot - any more swerve on that one and he'd have picked up penalty points!

  • Best Goals blog - some nice goals here, includes Michael Owen's goal against Argentina.

  • Click here for the Red Cross site.

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